Festival Skincare Hacks

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Festival season is fast approaching, with Glastonbury kicking off the action this week! But what with limited sleep in a cramped tent, a diet consisting of delicious-but-not-so-healthy street food (gourmet cheese toasties and fried buttermilk chicken, anyone?), all day drinking, and irregular access to showers, festival life can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. But as we all know, festivals can be one of the most fun ways to while away a weekend with friends or family, and are a highlight of the year for many of us. So the skin experts at BRYT towers have put together a few tips for keeping your skin looking fresh all weekend...


1. Protect your skin from the sun 

A lobster face is not a good look at a festival, and not to mention that sunburn will tire you out meaning less dancing time! BRYT Day Moisturiser contains SPF15 and hydrating African Mongogo Oil to keep the skin fresh and protect it from the sun.

2. Cleanse properly each night 

Don't be tempted to use facial wipes which can be harsh on the skin and cause breakouts. Instead, try BRYT Remove with a muslin mitt or cotton wool pad, being sure to remove every trace of make up, face paint and glitter and help give you a fresh base for the next day! 

3. Stay hydrated 

Just as you would on a normal day, but at a festival it's even more key because of the dehydrating effects of alcohol and the sun on your skin. 

4. Keep make up fuss-free 

Opt for a light base which won't melt when you get too hot from all the dancing! Then a statement bright lip, cream blusher and mascara will be all you need for a fresh but low maintenance look. Come evening time, you can jazz up your look with some glitter eyeshadow and shimmer on your cheekbones! 

5. Avoid chapped lips

Carry an intensive lip balm on you to prevent the effects of dehydration and sun exposure on your lips.

6. Carry a facial mist to refresh your skin 

Spritzing a refreshing facial water mist on your face will bring the double benefit of cooling your skin down and giving you a fresh, dewy appearance. 

7. Be prepared for blemishes 

A change in your normal skincare routine and the ravages of a weekend at a festival can lead to breakouts. Be prepared with a little pot of tea tree oil to dab on to any blemishes which may appear. 

8. Keep germ free 

Festivals aren't the cleanest of places, and often lack access to running water, meaning it's easier to transfer germs to the face which can cause you to break out, so keep a tube of antibacterial hand gel in your handbag to use throughout the day. 

9. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg 

While you shouldn't deny yourself some of the culinary delights that festivals have offer, make sure to keep your immune system tip top by eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Festival-goers are spoilt for choice with food options at most festivals these days, so it shouldn't be hard to track down a healthy vegetarian or vegan stall, but pack some extra supplies of hardy fruits and veg in your supplies - think apples, oranges, carrots, radishes, celery. 

10. Use the BRYT Pro Kit to prep your skin 

The BRYT Pro Kit is the perfect travel friendly skincare kit to take to a festival, as you can use all of the steps without water, each product is in a handy 100ml bottle, and they all come in a handy transparent case. Developed in collaboration with professional make up artists, BRYT Pro cleanses, nourishes, protects and primes your skin, ensuring that your make up application is flawless and long-lasting.