The Real Secret to Getting that Summer Glow, by Pilates & Wellness Expert Jeannie Di Bon

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

By health and wellness expert Jeannie Di Bon 

It's the holiday season, and for many of you, that means being beach ready. Whilst that's something to look forward to, it also means that – surprise, surprise – you're probably being bombarded with hot-off-the-press tips, tricks and the new ‘ultimate’ health and fitness regime that’ll guarantee you get that bikini body of your dreams, glowing, goddess-like skin, and fast. 

Each year, reality TV stars flog their ‘magic’ skincare formulae to anyone who’ll listen, and the endless bounties of this year’s novelty diet and far-flung form of exercise are sung from the rooftops (my favourites so far are cycle karaoke and mermaid classes – nope, me neither).

Of course, much of what’s marketed to us is complete hot air. Having dedicated my career to health and wellness, I’m a huge advocate of working to change long term habits as opposed to pursuing quick diet fixes, and clearly health and beauty fads never provide lasting success, or else there wouldn’t be new ones every year.

To me, it’s obvious that there’s no miracle solution when it comes to shaping up and looking healthy. For the most part, being beach ready is simply about feeling confident in your own skin by eating better, moving more, and doing both of those things in a way that best suits you and your daily routine. It's not about dramatically losing half your body weight, or wasting money on a facial which costs more than the holiday itself.  

Despite my saying this, though, there is one single factor that I’m certain makes the difference whether you’re trying to achieve that beach body, achieve holiday-perfect skin, or both.

The answer? Plenty of sleep.

It’s not mentioned nearly enough as it should be, but studies show that getting good amounts of shut-eye can almost double your chances of successful weight loss. This is because a lack of sleep increases your stress levels, which slows down fat metabolism and makes you crave damaging sugary foods.

As a Pilates instructor, I regularly see that my clients’ exercise regimes have the most impact when they’re getting 7-9 hours of decent sleep per night, keeping a regular sleep routine and have made provisions to improve the most stressful aspects of their lifestyles. 

Sleep allows your body to heal from its demanding daily routines, as well as allowing it to metabolise the food you’ve consumed that day and work on that post-workout muscle growth. Not only that, but I find that clients who are sleep deprived simply don’t have the energy to engage in my sessions anywhere near as well as they could do, which stops them reaping the positive benefits of a thorough workout.

The same applies to the health of your skin: you can spend as much as you like on expensive products, but ultimately it's sleep that allows your body to repair any cell damage to ensure that it looks fresh and glowing. How many times have you been sleep-deprived and found that your skin has seemed more dry and grey compared to occasions where you've felt rested? 

This is why I'm delighted to have been welcomed as a guest blogger for BRYT. Skincare should be affordable, simple and a complement to a healthy sleep routine -- not a substitute. Products such as the BRYT Day Moisturiser with SPF 15 is light, chemical-free, and a great way of protecting the delicate skin on your face from sun exposure (although I'd advise teaming this up with a stronger SPF if you're a beach worshipper!). And if you're flying this summer, I'd recommend BRYT's Boost Serum for tired and dehydrated skin, as its botanical formula helps support your skin's own healing process in the face of tiring journeys and travel plans. 

I can’t stress enough how important sleep is when it comes to looking and feeling well. You wouldn’t expect your iPhone to function fully if you never recharged it properly, would you? The real answer to being holiday ready isn’t some new-age diet solution but good, old-fashioned slumbering.

Want to to get that summer glow? My advice would be to put on your PJs.

Jeannie di Bon is a health and wellness expert and nutritional therapist. She is also a qualified Pilates instructor and runs her own school of Pilates in Wimbledon, London. Find out more about Jeannie at, on her Twitter jdibon, Instagram @jeannie_di and Facebook @JeannieDiBon.