#MeTimeMonday Zen Exercise Tips

Monday, 10 April 2017


Our #MeTimeMonday campaign is all about making little daily improvements to slow our lives down and focus on nourishment and restoration. What better way to do this than to incorporate a zen exercise routine into your day? Exercise is a key way to combat the stress of daily life and a tried and tested mood booster, releasing endorphins to boost your happiness levels and improving your ability to get those much needed Zs! Try any of these exercises to create a feeling of zen...



Yoga is a mind body practice combining physical poses, controlled breathing and meditation – helping to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate. The series of mindful postures and breathing exercises helps you to relax whilst also pushing you to your physical limits at times, allowing you to focus solely on what your body is doing and zone out all those external stresses. Incorporate yoga into your evening routine and it will help ease you into bed. Try these 11 poses on Live Strong for the ultimate stress busting routine. 





Throw some punches to help create a feeling of zen! Hitting a punch bag produces a response in your body that helps relieve tension – imagining a stressful situation and punching the bag increases the production of endorphins helping you to find improved focus and a feeling of tranquillity. There are a variety of ways to try this – from facing an opponent or using a punching bag, to shadow boxing (punching the air) and kickboxing. Try these boxing inspired moves for a boxing workout at home.



The ultimate full body workout, swimming is meditative and therapeutic when done at a slow pace, and high energy when done at a fast pace. The filters out distractions, helping you to unwind and create your own little bubble rather than focusing on the pressures around you. For the ultimate stress buster, try getting back to nature with a spot of wild swimming - read this article for the top 10 places to try wild swimming in the UK.





This high intensity cycling class increases your heart rate and the production of endorphins, helping you to feel better physically and mentally. A high energy aerobic workout, spinning forces you to stay present and in the moment as you focus on pushing your body to its physical limits. Being surrounded by a roomful of fellow spinners and a music pumping through the speakers will motivate you and focus the mind – forcing you to forget the pressures of daily life. Visit Class Finder to find a spinning class local to you.


Tai Chi

Often described as "meditation in motion", the ancient martial art Tai Chi is a flowing series of movements designed to create a sense of calm. This series of meditative postures is the ultimate in non-competitive exercise and perfect for practising outdoors for an added vitamin D boost! Try these beginners postures to see if it's the zen exercise for you. 




Whether it's 10 minutes or a full hour, try incorporating some zen exercise into your daily routine to help restore balance to your fast-paced lifestyle, and you will reap the benefits...