Our Ethical Policy

Natural, ethical and responsible

We are as concerned about the effects our vegan, cruelty-free natural skincare products have on the environment, as much as your skin.

We aim to use only those ingredients which are kind to the planet, ethically sourced from Fairtrade partners and sustainable projects, and organic where relevant. Our products are tested on humans, not animals, and we do not do business with countries where animal testing is accepted.

We are proud to be PETA Approved Vegan and Cruelty Free, a testament to our founding ethos. Click here to read more about this certification. 


The story of our skincare oils

The Baobab oil we use comes from producers throughout Southern Africa, all of whom are subject to a strict environmental and ethical trade charter. The people who harvest the fruit are supported through training on sustainable harvesting techniques, hygiene and quality management to ensure high quality seed and oil are produced. This enables those who work on processing and selling the oil to make an income that helps support them and their families.

The Kalahari oil we use comes from Fairtrade producers in Namibia. Many of these producers belong to members associations of a women’s co-operative, that helps about 5000 rural women to increase their household income through the sale of natural products.

The Mafura oil we use comes from suppliers in Mozambique who adhere to strict environmental and Fairtrade guidelines. Mafura butter is harvested mainly by women from poor rural communities who are benefiting from the extra income the trade brings them.

The Marula oil we use comes from a non-profit company set up to help rural women in Swaziland. Their long-term goal is for the company to be both owned and operated by the community. They are now able to make a living from the Marula trade.

Most of the Mongongo oil we use is harvested by women. Many of them say that the money they receive from selling Mongongo kernels helps them and their families to survive the dry and difficult years that are becoming increasingly frequent in Zambia.

For more information...

We are very transparent when it comes to the botanical ingredients we use, and invite you to review our ingredient listings on our product pages. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at info@brytskincare.co.uk

Our packaging is fully recyclable and uses biodegradable card from sustainable forests. In addition, we do not use palm oil in any of our products.