The Founder


“Skincare should be viewed as part of a healthy lifestyle, of which beauty is a by-product.” That’s the mantra of Catkin Wemyss Bodmer, who launched her new generation botanical skincare range, BRYT Skincare, aimed at evolving skin of all ages but especially those between the ages of 16-25, in January 2014.

Catkin has always been passionate about healthy living and the importance of good skincare from an early age. Her first job in the beauty industry was working for a small PR company, looking after a well-known skincare brand. 

Here she fell in love with the whole ethos of aromatherapy and phytotherapy, and immersed herself in the company’s philosophy and products.

Her firm belief is that if you are confident in your skin, you shine. “In this age of the ‘selfie,’ if you work on building confidence from the inside, there will be less of a need to seek constant reaffirmation from peers and social contacts,” she says. 

Her business idea finally came to fruition after a chance meeting with a Medicine Man whilst on holiday in Costa Rica. Following a detailed chat about the healing power of plants, Catkin came home inspired and motivated to finally turn her dream into a reality. She then set about creating a range of products for men and women that fed and nourished the skin – naturally, honestly and effectively

The BRYT philosophy looks at skincare in a holistic way, connecting it with a healthy regime, eating, sleeping and exercising sensibly, and drinking lots of water - just like you clean your teeth, you cleanse your face, feed your skin and protect it from daily life. ‘Skin needs to be fed and hydrated, just like our bodies,” she confirms.

A winning combination of determination, passion and knowledge of the skincare market enabled her to create and develop BRYT in just 15 months. And the effectiveness of the formulations speak for themselves with the brand now available at over 120 Waitrose stores, online at Ocado and Amazon, plus independent stores throughout the UK and Ireland. 

A positive voice for natural skincare, Catkin leads conversations on the importance and growth of natural products in the current beauty market and BRYT Skincare has been nominated for (and won!) beauty awards that endorse the brand’s positive values, ethical stance and premium formulations. Catkin was also featured in the Top 25 Natural Beauty Yearbook in 2015 and again in 2016 and recently was named by Belle Magazine as one of their most Inspirational Women for 2017.